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At The Annunciation Catholic Infant School, we value the important contribution of Physical Education to the physical. cognitive, social and emotional development of a child.

In our school, Physical Education is enjoyed by all pupils, opportunities are provided to consolidate and work on skills embedded throughout the teaching of PE. 

Throughout the teaching of Physical Education, we aim to ensure we adopt an inclusive approach to teaching, to target the diversity within our school.  It is a fundamental part of our curriculum, within which children can build on their skills of participation, persistence and excellence. It is vital for children to refine and extend their knowledge of Physical Education as they progress through our school. 

At The Annunciation Catholic Infant School, we ensure different strengths of each child is celebrated through the teaching and learning of Physical Education. Children are encouraged to use their strengths to work independently, in pairs or a group through a variety of different sports and movement activities. 

At The Annunciation Catholic Infant School we aim to:


  • Increase whole school participation in fitness initiatives

Across our school, we use initiatives such as the Golden Kilometre, Competitions against classes and year groups. All children are encouraged to participate, we ensure activities relate to children from all backgrounds. 


  • Provide children with increased opportunities for physical activity

Through the purchase of suitable playground equipment, our children are able to use their break and lunch times to participate in physical activity. The children at our school also have several opportunities to participate in competitive sport and festivals, including; Barnet Dance Festival, Athletic Festival through the BPSS and LYG.
Pupil voice is important to us at The Annunciation Catholic Junior School, the children complete are given the opportunity to share their thoughts about Physical Education across our school through the use of online questionnaires. This allows staff to become aware on areas for development to ensure they are providing children with the upmost beneficial opportunities for physical activity. 


  • Raise the profile of Physical Education to encourage an active lifestyle for all children 

It is important at The Annunciation Catholic Junior School inclusive teaching happens across all subjects, including Physical Education. Events are arranged especially for our children with SEND, class teachers are given the opportunity to carefully select those who may be less active, children who are not exposed to extra-curricular activities out of school to participate in extra Physical Education lessons, festivals and competitions. 
Children are also provided with the opportunity to become responsible for their own learning if they become a sports leader, the children participate in training whereby they learn how to lead small group games at lunchtime, take on a role in Physical Education lessons – leading the warm up/warm down. This motivates children from a variety of backgrounds to have an active lifestyle and promote this to their peers. 


  • Provide pupils with a wider range of After School Club activities

Throughout our curriculum, children are exposed to 2 hours of Physical Education each week. The children also have the opportunity to attend various After School Clubs, including; Netball, Football, Multi-Skills, Athletics and Gaelic Football.
Ensure all teachers feel confident to deliver all areas of the PE curriculum.

At The Annunciation Catholic Infant School, children are taught by a specialist PE teacher for 1 hour of their Physical Education each week. Teachers and teaching assistants are provided with the opportunity whereby they observe and learn appropriate skills in order to teach PE confidently within their own lessons. 

•    The pupils will continue to apply and develop a range of skills and units of work, which include a range of invasion, netball, striking and fielding games, gymnastics, dance, athletics and swimming. 
•    Pupils’ experiences will also be enriched through opportunities for outdoor and adventurous activities. 
•    A range of resources will be used to support progression across the curriculum including specialist coaching sessions for different sports such as cricket, basketball, dance and football.

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