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At the Annunciation Catholic  Junior School, we believe that it is essential for our pupils to obtain a deep understanding of geographical processes, relative to their age and ability, in order for them to develop a greater appreciation for the natural world and human interaction. We intend therefore, to provide pupils with a stimulating learning environment in which they can be exposed to rich and varied experiences, so that pupils can make better sense of themselves, their local community and their role in the wider world. It is for this reason, that as children progress through KS2, we aim to deliver a geography curriculum that is engaging and fascinating, so that pupils can gain invaluable skills, such as critical thinking, creativity and enquiry skills, that will provide them with the opportunity to make a good assessment of their progress. With this in mind, pupils will be motivated to study geography beyond kS2, and their fascination and curiosity about the world, will equip them to make worthwhile contributions to their local community and beyond. 


Our curriculum therefore, adopts an enquiry approach whereby pupils explore and make investigations, so that they can learn by doing and extend their cultural capital. In doing so, pupils will explore various avenues to learn about the interaction between physical and human geography, so that they can increase their knowledge of locational and names of places, along with geographical skills, such as mapwork and field study which are enhanced by the use of technology (e.g. Digimap). Through these medium, pupils will make comparisons with landscapes around the world, and hopefully, pupils will understand that human influences can change over time, and this can have both positive and negative impact on sustainability. 


As pupils deepen their understanding of geographical themes, they are encouraged to make connection with other subject areas, such as history, computing, art, maths and English, so that their study of geography can be enriched. We also ensure that through careful monitoring, pupils make steady progression from Years 3 – 6, and that they can articulate their learning using geographical vocabulary, project work and collaborative learning. We acknowledge that children come from different cultural backgrounds, and therefore our geography curriculum aim to provide them with the opportunity to build on earlier experiences whilst exploring themes such, volcanoes, earthquakes, investigating coasts, rivers and mountains, along with the study of the United Kingdom. Other regions of the world such as our European neighbours, as well as regions of the United States and South America are also studied. Given that as people’s attitude towards the natural environment change, so does the climate around the world. Therefore, children in each year group are given the opportunity to explore climate change, and are encouraged to make suggestions to deal with such an important issue in our world. Overall, it is hoped that over time, our geography curriculum will not only inspire pupils to develop their understanding of geographical themes that will expand their horizons, but they will seek to use the skills that they have learnt to make a positive impact on the world.

The Annunciation Catholic Infant School aims to inspire in pupils a curiosity and fascination about the world around them which reflects different people, communities and cultures. The curriculum is enquiry based with thought provoking learning questions.



In KS1 pupils learn about different geographical locations and places. They develop and understanding of the differences between physical and human geography. They deepen their understanding by reflecting on how both change over time. Links have been made across subjects  and year groups to ensure that skills, knowledge and vocabulary is built upon and developed in a meaningful way. KS1 pupils explore topics including around our school, seasonal weather patterns and climate in the UK. They explore geographical locations by using maps, globes, atlases and the internet. Pupils in year 1 think about where their food comes from and they recognize that some foods are grown in the UK and others from different global countries. In year 2 they explore and compare places near and far. They learn about different towns, countries, continents, seas, and oceans. They use what they know about the locational and physical geography of the UK to ask enquiry questions about other non-European countries.



The EYFS lays the foundations for all future learning by showing the relevance of Geography to pupils through first hand experiences. The emphasis is on exploring and investigating their immediate environment. Pupils engage age in planting activities, observing and caring for plants and animals. Children in Reception go on trips to explore nature and wild life in local parks. Pupils are taught the importance of protecting the environment by saving water, electricity, recycling and disposing of litter safely. Pupils are developing an awareness that Burnt Oak is a busy town in London, England. They learn to appreciate that people who live in other countries may speak different languages or practise different religions. 

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