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At The Federation of The Annunciation Catholic Schools it is out intent to teach pupils computing skills that will support them in using computing across a broad variety of subjects and fields of learning.

The curriculum has been developed to focus and build on three core areas; programming, coding and online safety with a careful and consistent progression of skills and knowledge that allows the pupil to make the necessary connections to piece their learning together throughout their learning journey.


Pupils will develop their skills in these different areas as they move through the school. They will be encouraged to question how ideas are developed and how they can be improved. To look for emerging patterns and use various software to solve problems and develop their own creativity.

Throughout the school year, we recognise and celebrate important days for computing such as Coding Week, Safer Internet Day and Hour of Code. 


EYFS: In the EYFS children have the opportunity to use a use a range of technology, such as iPads, Smart Boards, computers and floor robots. We also provide the children with a box of defunct IT equipment, which encourages them to construct their own role-play scenarios. This could be anything from an office, or to an aeroplane. This encourages the children to use their imagination as they play in role. Pupils have access to remote controlled toys and programmable toys throughout the curriculum to enhance specific areas. Pupils use the class Smart Board to practise their hand-eye coordination and use a one-handed tool whilst having fun. Pupils use a range of websites and software that are age-appropriate including Busy Things and Purple Mash. 


KS1: Pupils begin to explore the impact and common uses of information technology beyond school and within the wider society. They develop a foundational understanding of what algorithms are, how they are implemented as programs on digital devices, and that programs execute by following precise and unambiguous instructions.
They use this knowledge to create and debug simple programs, using technology purposefully to create, organise, store, manipulate and retrieve digital content. Pupils further draw upon their knowledge and logical reasoning to predict the behaviour of simple programs.

KS2: To begin each term, children are reminded how to be safe online in our online safety workshops. Throughout the year groups, the children develop their coding skills using Scratch. We teach the children to animate, create cross-curricular quizzes and to make their own computer games. We also teach the children how to use Microsoft Office by creating word documents, powerpoints and excel sheets to prepare them for later life. As they move through the school, they build upon existing skills and knowledge to ensure they can apply them to all areas of the curriculum. 

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